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Founded in San Diego, California in 2010.

Jimmy’s Famous American Taverns are a family-owned group of eateries serving high quality, classic American fare.

After building San Diego’s iconic Point Loma Marina and The Promenade at Point Loma, patriarch John Grimstad envisioned a “great bar with great food” where locals and out-of-towners could gather for a good time and overlook the docks. With the help of the Grimstad family’s friends and partners, The Hatch Group, the idea of Jimmy’s was realized, and after the success of the first restaurant, eventually grew to five locations across Southern California.

To this day, Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern is a family-owned group of eateries dedicated to providing a welcoming and authentic experience for all diners. And in alignment with the original vision, Jimmy’s focuses on delivering high quality, classic American fare as well as a modern bar program complete with seasonal craft cocktails, local brews, and a robust selection of rare and top-shelf whiskeys.

Marina view patio at San Diego's iconic Point Loma Marina

Chef Nathan Coulon

Culinary Director, Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern

An award-winning and nationally recognized talent, San Diego local Nathan Coulon has been Zagat-Guide rated several years in succession as well as nominated for the prestigious James Beard Rising Star Chef Award in 2007. He has become a regional leader and proponent of locally-sourced and sustainable ingredients. With over 20 years of culinary experience and relationships with local farmers, Chef Coulon is focused on executing high standards of sustainability across all five Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern locations.

Our Green Philosophy

At Jimmy’s, we embrace the philosophy of utilizing locally-sourced ingredients, high quality and naturally-raised meats, and sustainable food products whenever possible. In addition to sourcing from growers, farmers and purveyors who adhere to these same principles, Jimmy’s is a proud partner with the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s ‘Seafood Watch’ Program, serving only sustainable and properly harvested fish and shellfish species.

As a Nationally Certified GRA “Green Restaurant,” each of our locations uphold high standards to limit waste. Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern is proud to have implemented the following environmentally sustainable practices:

  • All food waste is composted, where available.
  • All plastic, glass, cardboard and cooking oil is recycled.
  • Low-flow water fixtures and utility-saving equipment are utilized throughout the restaurants.
  • Drinking straws are served only upon request.
  • Triple-carbon filtered drinking water is served in reusable carafes (no one-use plastic bottles offered).
  • All to-go packaging is biodegradable and made from recycled materials (no use of any polystyrene foam).
  • Menus, napkins, and all disposables are made from recycled materials.
  • Recycled building materials and energy efficient appliances are used throughout the restaurants.
  • Drought resistant plant species are used in our landscaping and interiors.
Jimmy's is a Dine Green Certified Establishment

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